Kamchatka Giant Bear Hunt

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May and September Seasons.

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KGB Hunting is a hunting guide service founded and provided by Yuri Rulin. Yuri is a native Russian who graduated with a game ranger and biology degree from Russia. He is a world renowned taxidermist who currently resides in Salt Lake City Utah USA.

Every Fall and Spring Yuri provides a private hunting experience for small groups (up to four) to the remote areas of Kamchatka. Through years of travel and cooperation with the Russian hunting sites Yuri has developed a good partnership to ensure each hunter a wonderful experience. The average size of a Kamchatka Brown Bear trophy is between 8-9 feet tall, larger bears require more luck. To insure a enjoyable hunt and successful trophy Yuri Rulin and KGB hunting provide everything needed for the hunt. (ex. helicopter, snowmobiles, refer to pictures). In addition to the Brown Bear the Spring hunting session allows for an opportunity to hunt the native bird "capercali".
As a bilingual Yuri Rulin and KGH hunting offer the opportunity for hunters to relax and see the sites of Moscow. Experiencing the heart of the city as well as venturing to small towns and villages for a full understanding of Russian life and spirit.
Traveling with Yuri Rulin, founder and owner of Taxidermy Art Studio, insures that all trophies are preserved properly. As a personal guide who will be with you the duration of the trip Yuri will be able to recreate your trophy as you remember and wish to share with family and friends through his love and great talent of taxidermy.